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Information Technology Center (ITC) is under the supervision of the Department of livestock Development.



Organiazation is a leading information and communication technology for livestock developing to excellence of Thailand"

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In support of the Department of livestock Development mission, the Information Technology Center promotes, develops, delivers, and facilitates the use of information technology services and resources.

responsibility are:
  1. Implementing the IT master plan
  2. develop and support the updated information and communication technology that suitable for livestock management
  3. Supports the distributed delivery of networked computing services in Department of livestock Development
  4. Educate and distribute knowledge of information and communication technology
  5. To study and develop information technology system for manage­ment administration of the Department
  6. Promoting the use of IT in various offices of the Society operation and recommending how it can be applied appropriately to their jobs
  7. To coordinate with and provide support to related organizations as assigned by the Department

Organization Structure

Organization Structure

1. Administrative general

Responsibility of administrative general
  • Responsible for managing and Administering personnel, building and vehicles.
    • Publication.
    • Special Affairs.
  • Support financial and accounting.
  • Support equipment asset registration.

2. Information systems development group

Responsibility of information systems development group
  • Develop policy, strategic master plan, ICT plan, budgeting plan, equipment plan, staffing plan and Government Action Plan.
  • Develop the report for Assessment.
  • Analyze and develop the proposal for information technology development of the departments.
  • Support the development of computer program and application used in the departments.

3. Computer and network system group

Responsibility of Computer and network system group
  • Service computer network , fiber optic networks and wireless networks.
  • Services Routing, Protocol and Gateway.
  • Provide Computer network (DLD Network) for the networking region livestock in DLD
  • Provide server computer. (Internet Application Service, DNS, WINS, DHCP,PROXY)
  • Provide the DLD website home page and Hypertext Link between faculties and departments.
  • Support the information technology services (IT Clinic) for officers
  • Support the development of computer program and application used in the DLD.
  • Responsible for database management system of the departments.
  • Information Security management.

4. Information and statistic group

Responsibility of Information and statistic group
  • Support and transfer the knowledge of information technology.
  • Support the information, Livestock Statistic for the administration.
  • Provide the standardized of information technology of the DLD
  • Analyze and Improve Livestock Statistic annual

5. Livestock Geoinformatics System Group

Responsibility of Livestock Geoinformatics System Group
  • Analysis and application of geospatial technology developed for Livestock.
  • Manage of projects in the geospatial livestock.
  • Collect and processing of spatial information for livestock.
  • Prepare and publish Livestock geospatial information through the media.
  • Provide, advice and recommendations the Personnel of Department to processing geospatial data.
  • coordinate the implementation and reported of geospatial survey to the region.


director suntornMr.Sunthorn Rattanachumroon
( Director )

tel 0 2653 4444 Ext.2321 emailbutton suntornr[at]dld.go.th

General Administration

Mr.Karawake Tudtong
(Head of General Administration.)
tel0-2653-4444 Ext.2332 emailbuttonkarawekt[at]dld.go.th
naiyanaMiss.Naiyana Suksaihaew
(Supply officer , Experienced Level ,Experienced Level.)
tel 0-2653 4444 Ext. 2332 
emailbutton naiyanas[at]dld.go.th
Mrs.Sayapha Indib
(Finance and Accounting Officer, Experienced Level.)
tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331 
emailbutton sayapai[at]dld.go.th
 napudsornchanokMrs.Napudsornchanok Srisuk
(General service officer, Practitioner Level.)
tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331 
emailbutton napudsornchanoks[at]dld.go.th
Mrs.Wilai Patchim
(Document Binding Officer)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331
emailbutton itcenter1[at]dld.go.th
somchaiMr.Somchai Wongeiym (Driver)
tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331
emailbutton itcenter1[at]dld.go.th

Information and Statistic group

wanchaiMr.Wanchai Jarassanprasert
Head of Information and Statistics

(Plan and Policy Analyst, Senior Professional Level)
  tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2341 emailbutton wanchaijp[at]dld.go.th

sawitreeMiss.Sawitree Bunphet
(Statistician, Practitioner Level)
tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2342 
emailbutton sawittreeb[at]dld.go.th
penpanMrs.Penpun Rithmontree
(General service officer, Experienced Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2342
 emailbutton penpanr[at]dld.go.th
oorawanMiss.Orawan Vijitpongsapan
(Computer Systems Officer)
tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331
 emailbutton itcenter2[at]dld.go.th
kritikaMiss.Kittiga Niumsang
(Computer Systems Officer)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331
 emailbutton itcenter2[at]dld.go.th

Computer and network system group

Mr.Veerapong chialbhunche
Head of computer and network systems.
(Plan and Policy Analyst, Senior Professional Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2341
 emailbutton veerapongc[at]dld.go.th
Mrs.Suwannee Kanchanaphusit
(Computer technical officer , Professional Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2342
 emailbutton suwaneek[at]dld.go.th
Mr.Thummarat Pukae
(General service officer, Experienced Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2352
 emailbutton tumaratp[at]dld.go.th
Miss.Panuta Bunnag
(Computer technical officer, Practitioner Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2342
 emailbutton panutab[at]dld.go.th
(Computer technical officer)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2332
 emailbutton itcenter4[at]dld.go.th
Miss.Monticha Nakawanich
(Computer Systems Officer)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2332
emailbutton itcenter4[at]dld.go.th

Information Systems Development group

Mr.Preecha Chantornnitarnsri
Head of Information Systems Development
(Statistician, Professional Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2342 emailbutton preechaj[at]dld.go.th

Mrs.Penkhae Saichuer
(Statistician, Professional Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2332
 emailbutton penkhaek[at]dld.go.th
Miss.Jeeraphan Thongthan
(Statistician, Practitioner Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2332
 emailbutton jeeraphan.t[at]dld.go.th
Mr.Nattadet Chunhaprasitporn
(Computer Systems Officer)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2331
 emailbutton itcenter3[at]dld.go.th
Miss.Pornsawan Virutsetazin
(Computer Systems Officer)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2332
 emailbutton itcenter3[at]dld.go.th

Livestock Geoinformatics System Group

Mr.Piyawit Thammabutr 
Head of Livestock Geoinformatics System Group
(Statistician, Practitioner Level Professional Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2332 emailbutton piyawittj[at]dld.go.th
Miss.Panthisa Hiranyasiri
(Statistician, Practitioner Level)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext. 2331
 emailbutton panthisah[at]dld.go.th
Mr.Piyawit Bunruang
(Computer Systems Office)
 tel 0-2653-4444 Ext 2331
 emailbutton itcenter2[at]dld.go.th


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Address : Information Technology Center.Department of Livestock Development.  Inp   69/1 phaya thai   Rachathevi Bangkok. 10400

Telphone  0-2653-4444 ต่อ 2332 , 2342  email